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Mira Senturk (before marriage Myroslava Tereshchuk)-composer, pianist, teacher, singer, the author of many piano books as for kids as for adults also.

She was graduated from the musical pedagogical faculty of Rivne State University of Humanities (Ukraine). Mira was born in a family of musicians. Her father Anatolii Tereshchuk was a very talented accordionist player, composer and songwriter. Her mother Olha Tereshchuk is a professional guitar teacher.

After studying the young future composer started to teach at her native University. During that time, she wrote her first piano book "Interego" and single song album" Find yourself".

After few years she moved to Antalya (Turkey) where she continued her music career as a piano player and singer. During some time Mira was teaching at Antalya State Conservatory. For now she gives concerts and continues to create new music.

One of the first books which were written on the territory of Turkey are "Musical childhood", "Musical rainbow", "Musical sketches", "Musical planet", pieces of which are performed around the world by many young pianists. This year Mira Senturk produces one more piano book. It is "Musical rays". This book is considered for kids and for adults also. It can be used at musical schools, colleges and home music studying etc.

The main features of the music of Mira Senturk are the bright emotionality, nostalgy, adoring by eastern tunes, sensibility, desire to be in peace with nature and all humans around. "Rhapsody", "Lavender passacaglia", "Arietta", Invention "Play of the light" - all these and other pieces are already played by many young music lovers in many countries.

We hope that the wonderful music of Mira Senturk will also find the place in your hearts. Play music with a pleasure.

Sincerely yours, Mira Senturk
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